The IARC TP53 database was initiated by M. Hollstein and C. C. Harris in 1991 and further developed and maintained by P. Hainaut and Magali Olivier.

The database is currently maintained and curated by in the Group of Molecular Mechanisms and Biomarkers at IARC.

For any database-related questions, please contact Magali at , or Tel +33 4 72 73 86 69.

Curators: Magali Olivier, Caroline Gaud (2018), Audrey Petitjean (2007-2012).

Web developments over the years have been done by the IT companies Lambda+ and Micropole, and with the help of Ewy Mathe, Thierry Menard, Jose-Luis Gonzalez-Pisa and Lucile Alteyrac.

The project is funded by IARC and has been supported by the European Community (contracts: QLG1-1999-00273, FP6, MUTp53 project) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Science.

IARC European Community NIEHS

Current and past collaborators to the database project:

A. Spurdle and C. Fortuno (Variant classification)

J.C. Bourdon (p53 isoforms)

G. Byrnes and L. Bouaoun (Database analyses)

C. Ishioka (Functional data in Yeast)

M. Resnick (Functional data in Yeast)

S. Tavtigian (Prediction models)

E. Mathe (Prediction models)

R. Eeles (Germline database)

D. Goldgar (Germline database)

A. Martin (Structural impact of mutation)