Database developments

November 2013

  • This R17 release compiles data on over 28,000 somatic mutations, 750 germline mutations, 2700 cell-lines, functional data on 2314 mutant proteins, and over 700 experimentally induced mutations (from exposure with 13 different carcinogens).
  • A new dataset on experimentally induced mutations has been added. It compiles mutations obtained in mutagenicity assays using the human TP53 gene (Hupki MEF and yeast assays).
  • The dataset of germline mutations has been updated with data published between November July 2012 and July 2013. Data on the prevalence of germline mutations have been fully integrated in the database scheme and made searchable on the web interactive search.
  • The dataset of somatic mutations has been updated with selected studies (ovarian cancer and adrenocortical carcinoma).
  • The dataset of functional impact of p53 mutant proteins has been updated with one study reporting DNE activity of 100 different mutants in a yeast assay (Monti et al., 2011).
  • The genome build hg19 is now used as default for describing mutations at the genome level.
  • The web interface has been updated to reflects the changes in database contents and annotations described above.
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