Database developments

April 2016, R18

  • This R18 release compiles data on over 29,000 somatic mutations, 891 germline mutations, 2700 cell-lines, functional data on 2314 mutant proteins, and over 900 experimentally induced mutations (related to exposure to 17 different carcinogens).
  • The dataset of germline mutations (rare disease causing variants) has been updated with data published between 2013 and 2015.
  • The dataset of somatic mutations has been updated with one TCGA study on glioblastoma.
  • The dataset of induced mutations has been updated with 6 studies.
  • Data on polymorphisms (neutral variants frequent in healthy human population) in dbSNP, ESP and 1000G have been reviewed to update variant classification.
  • Data on TP53 status in cell-lines have been updated with recent CCLE data.
  • Variant descriptions are based on hg19 reference sequence but chromosome coordinates for genome builds hg18 and hg38 are also provided in downloaded files.
  • New annotations have been added: functional impact of variant predicted by Polyphen2, trinucleotide sequence context of variants.
  • The web interface has been updated to fix some issues with Jmol (Jmol was upgraded to JSmol to solve compatibility issues with some browsers) and to allow the input of list of mutations for querying all datasets. Some pages were also redesigned to improve navigation.
November 2013, R17
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