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p53 MARATHON 2007

IARC, 150 cours Albert-Thomas, 69372 Lyon Cedex 08, France. IARC TP53 Database : http://www-p53.iarc.fr

3rd International Workshop on
Mutant p53

Deregulating the p53 Network :
Origin and Consequences of TP53 mutations

13-15 November 2007, Lyon, France

& Symposium on Li-Fraumeni syndrome

Phenotype of TP53 germline mutations
in humans

15-16 November 2007, Lyon, France

(programme, list of participants and abstracts)

The third international workshop on mutant p53, held at IARC in Lyon, covered topics ranging from the origin of mutations to the evaluation of their biological and clinical impacts and therapeutic use in human cancers.

The workshop included a symposium on Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a rare autosomal disorder characterized by a familial clustering of early-onset tumors that is caused by TP53 germline mutations. The aim of the symposium was to revisit this syndrome in light of the accumulated knowledge on the biological impacts of TP53 mutations.

The workshop was held in conjunction with two consortium FP6 meetings, MUTp53 (12 November) and Active p53 (15-16 November) (framework programmes funded by the European Community).

Claude Caron de Fromentel (INSERM U590, CLB, Lyon)
Pierre Hainaut (IARC, Lyon)
Magali Olivier (IARC, Lyon)

Organizing committee:
Virginie Marcel (IARC, Lyon)
Mounia Mounawar (IARC, Lyon)
Audrey Petitjean (IARC, Lyon)
Aurelia Petre (IARC, Lyon)
Amelie Plymoth (IARC, Lyon)
Michelle Wrisez (secretary)

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