Please note that the User's manual provides detailed information on data available and annotation systems.


TP53 reference sequences used in the database

Reference sequences for TP53 gene and p53 protein can be found here.

Where do I find the description of the annotations used in the database?

All annotations are described in details in the User's manual.

Mutations screened from RNA

All mutations are annotated in the database at the genomic level. For mutations identified from RNA screening, annotations may not be accurate. For example, a mutation described as a deletion of exon 5 at RNA level might in fact be a point mutation located in a splice site at the genomic level (inducing skiping of an exon). It is of note that this concerns only a small fraction of the data included in the database. You may exclude studies that have screened RNA by using the 'Start material' control.

Description of deletions and insertions

The exact location of deletions, insertions and complex variations are often poorly described in original reports (often reported at the codon but not genomic level). Annotations for these mutations are thus not precise since we annotate mutations at the genomic level. For example, if a deletion is described as a deletion of one nucleotide at codon 158, it is entered in the database as deletion of the first nucleotide of codon 158 while it may in fact be the second or third nucleotide that is actualy deleted. This information is thus only reliable at the codon level.

Data analysis
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