Analysis of p53 protein structure

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View structural motifs of p53 DNA-binding domain in contact with DNA*: color residues (96 to 289) with options bellow (you may select several residues separated by a comma)

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Structural impacts of mutations

- M133L/V203A/N239Y/N268D
- M133L/V203A/N239Y/N268D/R273H
- M133L/H168R/V203A/N239Y/N268D
- M133L/V203A/N239Y/R249S/N268D
- M133L/H168R/V203A/N239Y/R249S/N268D
- T123A/M133L/H168R/V203A/N239Y/R249S/N268D

and Joerger AC et al. (2006):

- M133L/V143A/V203A/N239Y/N268D
- M133L/V203A/Y220C/N239Y/N268D
- M133L/V203A/G245S/N239Y/N268D
- M133L/V203A/N239Y/N268D/F270L
- M133L/V203A/N239Y/N268D/R273C
- M133L/V203A/N239Y/N268D/R282W

- Thermodynamic stability data